Regional Faculty

Looking for a course or want information about how to conduct a course in your area? Look at the map below, find your region and click on the regional coordinator email link. They will get back with asap or refer you to the state coordinator.


January 2018 – January 2021


Mary Ann Kolar, MD; State Medical Director

Peter Gianas, MD; State Co-Medical Director

Kim Palm; Chapter Coordinator

Melissa Barto McNally; State Coordinator

Tracy Campbell; Executive Committee Member at Large

Beth Brunner, FCEP Executive Committee Representative


Mike Rushing; Region 1- Northwest                     Regional Coordinator

Ty Carhart; Region 1 - Northwest                         Regional Co-Coordinator


Diane Morris; Region 2 – North Central                  Regional Coordinator

Robbie Burnett; Region 2 – North Central              Regional Co-Coordinator

Jeff Gilliard; Region 3 - Northeast                           Regional Coordinator

Mark Ocepek; Region 3 - Northeast                        Regional Co-Coordinator


Tracy Campbell; Region 4 – East Central                 Regional Coordinator

Hezadean Smith; Region 4 – East Central               Regional Co-Coordinator

Warren Winston; Region 4 – East Central               Regional Co-Coordinator


Melissa Barto McNally; Region 5 – West Central    Regional Coordinator

Glenn Clegg; Region 5 – West Central                    Regional Co-Coordinator


Shaun Fix; Region 6 - Southeast                     Regional Coordinator

Vacant; Region 6 - Southeast                          Regional Co-Coordinator

Bruce Gastineau; Region 7 - Southwest          Regional Coordinator

Vacant; Region 7 - Southwest                          Co-Regional Coordinator


Jeff Gilliard (Interim); Region 8 - South        Regional Coordinator

Vacant; Region 8 - South                                 Regional Co-Coordinator



State Members/Regional Coordinators List

Updated 02/23/18, per FITLS executive Committee, Effective 01/01/2018




FITLS Regional Map